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John Serrano Mar 2018

NAFTA: VI Calls on Administration to Protect ISDS

Business and industry leaders are growing increasingly concerned by some of the positions the Tru

David Dunston, Jr. Mar 2018

Ready. Set. Advocate!

Join colleagues from across the vinyl value chain June 19-20 as we advance our key issues with elected officials. Registration is now open.

Feb 2018

VI Launches a Task Force on Durable Coated Fabrics

The Vinyl Institute has brought together an interdisciplinary group to address the performance parameters of durable coated fabrics in healthcare settings.

David Dunston, Jr. Feb 2018

Open Competition’s Role in the Nation’s Infrastructure Plan

In the recent State of the Union address, President Trump called for about $1.5 trillion in infrastructure funding through public-private partnerships.“Open completion, at its core, is about fixing crumbling infrastructure for the American people,” says Kevin Koonce.